LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager (ALM)
In the average organization, up to one-third of all IT hardware assets go unaccounted for. That's real risk. Accurate asset knowledge, accountability, and control are critical to enhanced business value.

LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager is an ITAM software solution which offers the asset lifecycle control necessary to build a strong foundation to support effective IT Asset Management. With LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager, you can proactively manage the operational, financial and contractual aspects of IT assets.

But, LANDESK ALM goes beyond simple tracking to provide a structured asset repository that extends the management of your organization's hardware and software assets by starting before the asset exists and going beyond when the asset is retired.

By combining workflows, automated asset states and a flexible repository, LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager allows you to track assets, understand asset lifecycle status and report on these assets while working within a best practice framework, delivering actionable information to the business that enables informed decision making.

  • LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager addresses your organizations most pressing concerns and helps you:
  • Gain Control — Know where your assets are and how they are being used
  • Reduce Risk — Manage regulatory and security compliance
  • Reduce Cost — Understand license, acquisition, support, service and other expenses
  • Enable Accountability — The right people make the right decisions at the right time
  • Enhance Performance — Move from being a cost center to a revenue enable.

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