SaaS Service Management.
More organizations are choosing (Software as a Service) SaaS Service Management as a deployment option when budgets are tight and capital expenditure is harder to come by. SaaS also has many additional benefits such as:

  • No upgrades required
  • No maintenance required
  • No hardware to deal with
  • Dynamic scalability
  • Low cost of entry

Multiple Interfaces – Multiple Options
Do not be constrained by a single platform - take SaaS to a new level. LANDesk ITSM provides a number of interfaces to ensure that you, your staff, end users and business stakeholders see everything that they need to see in the way that suits them best at a particular moment in time.

Available on a desktop console for deep dive administration, a light weight web access platform for day-to-day analyst activity plus mobile interfaces for all users. It’s even available on-premise, in cloud or hybrid delivery, LANDesk has covered all your bases.

Through simple design administration, these interfaces can be changed to suit the way you work but with the same level of performance for a controlled and consistent end result no matter which route your choose now or if you want to move platforms to in the future.

On Premise, In Cloud, or Hybrid
No matter which route you take, you will still gain all the benefits that you would expect to receive in an ITSM solution including:

  • Process Based Approach – A process driven ITSM rich starting point that is, verified on all 15 ITIL v 3 processes
  • Code Free Configurable – Highly configurable out-of-the- box to meet organizational needs.
  • Simple Administration – For the cloud, use your LANDesk dashboard to view service performance or make requests for changes.
  • Simple Integration and Automation – Leverage enterprise systems and data within your organization and orchestrate other LANDesk portfolio products.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting – Secured environment; physical, network and data, operating with many layers of security, and managed data backups.
  • Cloud Service Continuity – Agreed Service Level uptimes for cloud performance.
  • Upgrades – Delivering new functionality regularly, managed by LANDesk for SaaS instances.

Being out-of-range of the service desk should not mean being out of touch. You are responsible for overseeing the operations whether you are in a management meeting or out visiting end users. Similarly your end users need the confidence that they can connect with your service management services where ever they are.

With LANDesk ITSM, everyone has instant access to the service desk via their preferred smartphone or tablet device while still benefiting from full process capability. Analysts can perform core service management activity, and continue to view dashboard performance or approve request. Best of all, your end user customers can quickly log, view the status of, and update incidents and service requests themselves to stay productive on the go. Specifically built with the end user customer in mind, Mobile ITSM capabilities match any experience which they would have with a consumer mobile app.

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