Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and the New Year…Happy Days?

The tills are ringing and the holiday season is well and truly upon us. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, when does it stop? Well for most retailers it does not. The period we are in is often called “The Golden Quarter”. Why Golden? Well, this is the time when the real profits are made. And it happens for over a quarter of the year - don’t forget January sales are looming large too.

Cod stocks are booming (kind of)

As I am in the cod fish state I wanted to report good news on this day of Columbus (almost Thanksgiving). North Sea cod stocks are well on their way to becoming stable once again. So why is that good news? Well apart from allowing my fellow countrymen to enjoy their ‘favorite’ meal of Fish and Chips, it is a resounding success story of goal focused management that succeeded in gaining agreement from a broad based community, all with different interests.

Painful lessons from history force a look back with nostalgia

Last month was a painful one for me.   I fell, or rather was thrown off my bicycle and injured my arm - badly. The break was so bad it took quite a few hours on the operating table in the hands of skilled surgeons before I was deemed fit enough to begin convalescence. Rather foolishly this is the third (yes that’s right – the THIRD) time I have broken the same elbow. The first time was 25 years ago and then I also required surgery to pin back together the separate parts of my humorous.

Still got to migrate Windows XP? Wishful thinking on your Windows OS

Over coffee Marce and I were talking earlier about technologies of a bygone era, Sega, OS2, WordPerfect, CORBA and soon Windows XP. Let me add we were in no way nostalgic - after all progress is good isn’t it?

I wanted to say that went fast but when I look back that was probably the last thing it was.  Microsoft XP has been here for OVER a decade!

Allez Les Bleu!

When I first started this blog I had every intention on extoling the virtues of the Rugby World Cup 2015 which was hosted by England through September and October. I was due to wax lyrical about the amazing achievements of Japan, Georgia, Australia and ultimately New Zealand. The legendary All Blacks with their amazing, iconic, jaw dropping Haka tribal challenge performed with amazing ceremony before each and every match. If you have never seen the Haka take a look here

They won it on paper first

Right now much of the world is gathering around television sets to watch the 4th or possibly the 3rd (see later) largest global sporting event of modern times. Apparently only the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and another event, are larger than the Rugby World Cup.

Sweltering in the heat, or did you see that coming?

It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s sunny - it must be summer. I know that in the UK that is a strange phenomenon but for many of us from other parts of the world it’s the norm. Rather than one long temperate weather system that is persistently wet we have seasons and seasons come and seasons go.

Temperate climates bring their own challenges.  In Glasgow, London and Edinburgh it’s the rain, unlike the extremes of heat in Phoenix and Dallas. In San Francisco it’s the weather, where the microclimate in the city seems to bear no resemblance to the rest of the state!

Looking for a Remedy to the BMC debacle – AGAIN!

Irontouch recently took a call from a customer asking about a replacement for a BMC Service Desk Express installation with LANDesk Service Desk. As part of the engagement process our team spoke with the customer and the conversation was quite revealing and it went something like this: