Sweltering in the heat, or did you see that coming?

Sweltering in the heat, or did you see that coming?

It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s sunny - it must be summer. I know that in the UK that is a strange phenomenon but for many of us from other parts of the world it’s the norm. Rather than one long temperate weather system that is persistently wet we have seasons and seasons come and seasons go.

Temperate climates bring their own challenges.  In Glasgow, London and Edinburgh it’s the rain, unlike the extremes of heat in Phoenix and Dallas. In San Francisco it’s the weather, where the microclimate in the city seems to bear no resemblance to the rest of the state!

The reality is all things change. If we want to see things grow they need to change. Growth is good and change is good too. But in our world we want and need to control the change. But if we are honest, most of the time the change controls us.

Well not anymore, because you are going to fix that.

Simple steps can be used every day to ensure you stay in control. Some will evangelize for the adoption of ITIL but recent discussions with Matt Hooper (@vigilantman) emphasized to me that this is not the solution. It is a key part, a cornerstone even, but ITIL is NOT the solution. Like many things in life many approaches reap many rewards. Putting together all the pieces of the jigsaw takes time, perseverance and a clear strategy and most of all control. In reality the solution is looking back at you from the mirror every day.

It is true that most organizations that employ an ITIL based service management methodology reap significant benefits of improved productivity from their people and their fixed assets, reduced downtime and significant cost advantages over those that do not. But to think you have got the solution because you employ ITIL is naïve in the extreme.

Employing good methodology and an open and mature approach to control will allow you to stay ahead of the curve. It will allow you to manage what you have better and will enable you to understand where you are going forwards. But without the master of the ship, without the person in the mirror there will be no control.

See how one simple tool can help you put some control in your hands here

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