LANDESK Interchange Changed?

LANDESK Interchange Changed?

This year in Las Vegas, the emphasis was on using what you have better and getting more value from your existing investments, whoever they are with and whatever you use.  The essence of the interchange annual use conference can be summed up simply with the phrase “Using what you already own – just BETTER”

Each year I have attended, new products have been launched or acquisitions announced such as the purchase of the innovative LetMobile ( ) for mobile application wrapping of email, and Shavlik  ( ) the leading agentless patching solution.

This year there was none of that, that does not mean it was devoid of innovation - quite the opposite. The emphasis was absolutely on using what you already own innovatively.

Workspaces are breathtaking. Simple but effective they offer end users the experience they need to extract maximum value from the LANDESK investment by presenting data that is relevant for them and their role across the entire LANDESK portfolio and other solutions if necessary. A long promised single pane of glass, simple yet innovative.

Another example was with the ITAM solution. Harnessing and leveraging the existing LANESK portfolio, the solution is knitted together with some clever connectivity and integration of systems to generate a truly market leading approach to effectively managing corporate assets.

Using several components under a single solution, the LANDESK ITAM solution gives you a best in class offering. The LANDESK Asset Management solution will discover and inventory your estate, including network attached devices such as printers hubs and switches. The solution will look at all your inventoried software and then take that data and apply some logic to it so it can actually be read and understood. The power of taking names of vendors and applications and simply normalizing them into something meaningful cannot be overestimated.

The solution will then match your deployed estate with your licensed entitlement, collecting your license data locally. It supplements your inventory information with data from vendors and suppliers as well as from the original equipment suppliers, so users get a view on the OEM solutions also, to offer you a true vision of your entitlement.

Now customers know what they really have deployed, they also know what they have purchased, so a simple matching process takes place to see where the gaps are.

Now the clever part starts.

LANDESK Asset Management solution not only tells you where you are exposed but it now examines your license rights and applies grandfather rights where appropriate. It checks the deployed license for key usage statistics and can automatically harvest underused or inappropriate licenses to be replaced with a more appropriate or completely different license. This enables you to optimize your entitlement, optimize your revenue, and optimize your support costs moving forwards.

No huge fireworks at Interchange, but lots of innovation designed to deliver VALUE. Take a look at how it could add value to your company. Visit

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