Canada Day – Diversity with Unity

Canada Day – Diversity with Unity

(Just like a sound IT network)

July 4 is just around the corner and whilst the most famous Independence Day is celebrated wide and far I want to use this opportunity to promote another independent country, a common colonial past with a rich history of its own.

Happy Canada Day! July 1 is officially Canada’s birthday. The country was formed way back in 1867 when the three provinces of Upper Canada (which then split into Ontario and Quebec, and which geographically is lower than Lower Canada but further “up” the St. Lawrence River, but……. Oh it’s too complicated!) and Lower Canada made up of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, joined to form a new country.

Very much divided from day one between British settled Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and French settled Quebec, Canada continues to be a country of diversity. Even the weather ranges in extremes – from frigidly cold Artic winters to sweltering summers in Southern Ontario.

Yet with all this diversity, Canada maintains a strong sense of unity and identity. Canadians are referred to my many as “really friendly people”.  They are helpful and cheerful (mostly) but not too pushy or “in your face”. But they do get a bit touchy if you refer to them as “American”.  It is this unity and identity that transcends what Canada and Canadians stand for.

What’s all this got to do with IT networks? Well think about it. Networks are made up of a plethora of diverse and sometimes unique components (just like cultures). Yet they need to function consistently with each other and maintain a uniform external identity so that other networks can find them and talk to them easily. That’s what a good, sound network management system does.  From desktop computers, to rack mounted servers to mobile devices – all speaking different languages, they need to be able to rely on one underlying foundation of consistency. And that’s what the IT management system offers.

So if your IT asset base is starting to look like a cultural melting pot of devices, your network running like maple syrup in winter, or your helpdesk users being constantly frozen in a tundra of unnecessary support calls, then a sound ITSM solution may be what you need.

Look for a solution that will bring a consistent process to your asset management, accelerate your service response times, and melt away the worries of having to deal with too many needless escalations. It needs to cater to all aspects of your users needs, from automated password reset to patching to imaging to remote backups.  A good ITSM solution is user friendly and customer friendly.

Whichever solution you choose, it shouldn’t set off any fireworks.

Oh Canada!

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