Kids - stop reading and get on the X-Box! REALLY?

Kids - stop reading and get on the X-Box! REALLY?

Well LANDESK Interchange, the annual user conference, is over for another year and simply put “what a show that was.”

A mixture of astute assessments of existing issues and their solutions along with visions for forthcoming problems on the horizon to address the ever evolving IT management headache. More on this in another blog to follow later.

The show was fundamentally geared around end user efficiency, adding value to the end user whilst offering a clear insight into the entire supported IT estate for managers and technicians alike.

Focused on three key themes of Service Support, addressing Asset Management (ITAM) and Workspaces delivering clear pertinent data for every user regardless of their role in the organization, the show was eye opening and interesting in the extreme.

The most memorable part of the event was undoubtedly the closing address. It would be a challenge to find anyone who attended the closing address from Mark Goodman to have been anything but riveted. Engaging and insightful it left a lasting memory. Expanding upon the darker site of the IT revolution from domestic appliances such as toasters and refrigerators to advanced tracking devices, drones and the new IPv6 web – what a journey and what a lot of interesting perspective.

How are we to address the dark forces exploiting the internet and our devices for their own ends? There is no greater good in play here. Fight fire with fire! Different fire - but fire none the less.

Harness the inherent skills and technical understanding that our children take for granted. Rather than demonize and prosecute them leverage the hackers! Use their skills for the greater good and unleash them onto the dark web.

Maybe it is time to get the kids back on the X-Box. Wow! I can honestly say I would NEVER have thought I would say that – EVER!

(To hear one of Mark Goodman’s talks on how cyber crime will affect us all, visit this link: Crime in the Future)

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