Revolution or evolution – all will be revealed

Revolution or evolution – all will be revealed

Next week the LANDESK annual User Conference, Interchange will commence at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  Very much a showcase for the latest and soon to be released technology within the LANDESK portfolio, customers will be delighted and appeased with the progression of the solutions they use every day.

Experience shows that revolution is very much in the air, but the product owners and leadership team are strategists of the highest order. They understand that no matter how revolutionary the concepts and solutions, they need to add value and harmony to the existing portfolio. 

The result is a sophisticated blend of improved functionality, enhanced user experience, bleeding edge thought elegantly delivered as a complete package ready for consumption. Such a delicate and sympathetic product roll out means that revolution instead of being shocking, becomes evolution and progression that is managed and controlled with a true vision. 

I recall previous years where headlining announcements were made regarding technologies supporting strategies designed to add value to customers. Technologies like LetMobile delivering Application wrapping and Shavlik for enhanced patching in a heterogeneous environment. Last year LANDESK Service Desk had some amazing reporting dashboard thought leadership.

This year some new products have already been trialled in advance including LANDESK Service Desk workspaces, mobility management and the always popular product roadmap. I’m sure this year’s Interchange will prove to be as revealing if not more so than previous years. Always an info packed conference, LANDESK never fails to put on a great event.  I’ll be there, ready to absorb all the announcements and enjoy a small bit of the Vegas life.

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