We know snow but this is getting ridiculous

We know snow but this is getting ridiculous

Last week I was on the roof of my porch shovelling through 2 and a half feet of settled snow thinking that was the last of it – little did I know.

I managed to get out of Boston as I watched my neighbors struggling to get into work. Trains were cancelled, planes were cancelled and cars we fast becoming useless.  Walking only worked in very short distances. This made me realise the joys of remote working. However the challenges in managing devices are numerous and the risk to corporate security is significant. That’s what makes the innovative application wrapping by LANDESK such a great feature.

To examine this approach further we need to understand that for many years LANDESK Management Suite has been the market leading systems management solution in the world. Over a sustained period the core functionality has been extended to include advanced analytics, 3rd party patching, hardware independent imaging, B2B connectors for suppliers and vendors, license and asset management as well as the award winning and patented discovery and inventory tools.

With the rush to harness the growth of mobility initiatives within the corporate world and the explosion of ‘bring your own device’ programs, the need to not just manage the device but to control the applications is essential. Organizations are increasingly developing mobile and Web apps to advance their business processes. Enabling extended access to corporate networks and data from mobile devices raises significant data protection and compliance concerns for businesses. Professional and personal domains intersect throughout the day and into the evening, with little regard to time or place. This dynamic has cemented a new reality: corporate-issued devices get used for personal activities and personal devices are used for work. 

The physical device is now effectively secure. Mobile device manufacturers have introduced kill switches that are reported to have had a dramatic effect on the theft of devices with over 40% reduction.

The key value to a business is not the device but rather the data. Using the LetMobile application within the LANDESK mobility portfolio, users can access their applications on their devices and can get the full experience with the source files. Using secure single sign on users gain access to all their permitted applications regardless of device but in a secure blanket.

LANDESK’s app wrapping solution adds a layer of security around both corporate and third-party applications ensuring a superior user experience. This secure experience also extends to Web apps, enabling secure access to content in corporate networks without requiring mobile device VPN or special browsers. This approach further reinforces the ability for users to be productive (even while removing 2 feet of snow off their roofs) while enabling IT to protect business information.

With LetMobile, users can set fine-grained access control policies based on the sensitivity of the specific content, but also based on the person’s role, the device (e.g., whether or not its rooted), location, network, time, etc. A wrapped application. Simple, secure and safe (like a pair of Thin-sulate gloves on a cold snow shovel!) If you are thinking of securing your mobile devices then why not take a look here.

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