Every asset has a lifecycle. The key to effective IT asset management (ITAM) is knowing precisely where a particular asset is in its lifecycle—at any given moment—and whether it is providing value to your business. If you know the current state of an asset, then you can intelligently plan and budget for IT procurement activities, updates, replacements and other changes in an asset’s lifecycle.

The main purpose of ITAM is to reduce highly labor intensive and costly process of effectively managing your computers, software licenses and security providing an automated solution to ensure your systems and product license compliance is always kept up to date in this constantly changing complex environment. Manual ITAM maintenance can be quite costly for businesses in both time and resources. An automated ITAM system provides an extremely effective asset management solution providing significant savings in both time and resources, in most cases offering quick return on investment. Irontouch specializes in providing best in class ITIL, Asset Management Services and IT Service Management solutions for our clients.

LANDesk Service Desk
Combining ITIL®-verified support processes in a single point of contact LANDesk Service Desk enables you to deliver outstanding support services to employees and customers. Offering complete control over defining varying levels of support in order to align your business needs with your service and support needs. Delivering out-of-the-box, configurable Service Management processes that orchestrate business wide service delivery, LANDesk Service Desk helps you reduce costs, realize business and departmental efficiencies, increase your organizational productivity, better manage your risk through improved control and drive superior customer satisfaction.

ITSM - Information Technology Service Management
When a comprehensive solution is needed, Kemtah’s enterprise architects, business analysts, and certified IT professionals help you realize your vision—no matter how large or small. These individuals will apply the field-proven science Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and its Best Practice Frameworks of ITIL, ISO, PMBOK, COBIT, and TOGAF to take a holistic view into your IT window--assessing everything from your technology and applications, to the people and processes that make them work.

LiveTime Service Manager Software
Not subject to the licensing policies of any technology stack or vendor, LiveTime provides a true vendor neutral solution that protects your investment with software solutions that grow with the needs of your organization. LiveTime can be deployed on any hardware from an IBM mainframe to an Apple Xserve, utilizing any SQL database from Oracle to Postgres and supports every major browser. It is available as software, Software as a Service, as a hardware appliance and is even available virtualized as a software appliance or clustered as a high availability solution.

Service Desk Appliance Management Software
Irontouch ONEBox is a hardened appliance that is optimized for maximum performance and stability in a single piece of infrastructure. The appliance negates the requirement for physical servers and the associated set up paraphernalia that a customer would otherwise need to deliver to accommodate the solution.

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