Double your IVANTI investment - Take Control

Most organizations using IVANTI or similar technologies in the market are leveraging 50-65% of the tool. Think-Control is a joint Irontouch IVANTI initiative. It gives you the opportunity to purchase IVANTI Management Suite solutions directly and combine this together with Irontouch consultants to provide monitoring and health-check services on a monthly basis. This ensures the application is running smoothly and being optimally utilized. This service from Irontouch and IVANTI is also available for clients who already have IVANTI installed.

  • Irontouch and IVANTI are proud to have the most certified IVANTI Engineers to give you:
  • Core Server Review (Quarterly)
  • Hardware Specifications - review server hardware configuration and provide feedback regarding configuration and specifications Vs service load.
  • Software Review - verify software version, patch levels, and configuration
  • Database configuration - Review Data connections, security, and database health
  • Organizational review - Review and provide feedback relating to grouping and management of End Points.
  • On Going System Support and Maintenance

After delivering our initial system health, Irontouch’s team of IVANTI support professionals will remotely monitor and manage your IVANTI infrastructure, protecting your investment and ensuring the highest alibility possible. Additionally, our team of management professionals will be available to assist your daily operations by providing process recommendations, technical assistance, and best practices advise on an as needed.

Contact Irontouch for more information on Think Control..