IT Service Management - Continuous Service Improvement

NEXThink is a desktop activity monitoring solution that has a unique capacity to map, register and analyse in real time (no scheduled scans) and in a permanent way all connections and execution from the desktop to the end of the infrastructure.

NEXThink monitors in real time the behaviour of all applications / all users / all desktops over your enterprise network collecting how these objects use your network and your servers. Complementing other vendor solutions that focus on the monitoring and the management of endpoint behaviour; NEXThink can integrate with these solutions to automate the management of desktops, delivering an end to end service quality monitoring and to improve the support quality.

NEXThink will help reduce dramatically the total cost of ownership of desktops, by reducing the time spent in support, reducing license spending and delivering successful strategic migration and infrastructure projects. Using NEXThink can help you achieve a better understanding of your desktop infrastructure by:

  • Monitoring in real time all hardware and software elements on all desktops. Improving the management of a standard image and hardware proactive management
  • Improving the help desk operations by monitoring the performance and availability of critical applications and helping in the root cause analysis
  • Improving security and compliance by monitoring all protection tools and user behavior
  • Reduce software license spending by monitoring the real usage of each software for each user
  • Powering the malware detection using 20 different antivirus data bases and running behavioral analysis on all applications from all endpoints.

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