Open to New Ideas - New Cultures?

This November the Southern Hemisphere rugby giants are coming to pit their wits and their athleticism against all the northern hemisphere rugby nations. In an eagerly awaited now annual event, challenges on an individual, team and coaching level are laid bare in consuming battle of muscle and guile.

Hues of Fall

Fall in New England - it's spectacular! It is as if the earth is making a very obvious statement regarding the seasons and a gossamer veil is drawn over summer, heralding the change. The climate is changing from balmy, hot, humid sunny days to colder clear weather and everything enters into a state of flux. Possibly the most famous aspect of this time of year is the wonderful spectacle of leaves on trees and the breathtaking array of colors. As the season progresses so will the display until eventually all but the hardiest leaves are on the floor with the snows soon following.

The duty of process – not ITIL but far more important.

As an individual who lives and breathes ITIL best practice I like to think I understand the importance of process and also the selective use of the correct process at the correct time.

On Friday I finished a stint administering justice as part of my civic duty and I must say it was an eye opening experience on many levels. It is a true case study of the importance of process in action, employed professionally and consistently throughout a large organization to deliver a desired outcome.

Delivering Continuous Service Improvement - German style

By the time you read this blog, Germany will have been crowned the soccer world champions in Brazil, for the fourth time in the history of the competition. Well done Germany.


The interesting lesson from the well-deserved victory was how a plan that mapped out a series of small improvements, culminated into a victory for the best team in the competition - actually the best team in the world.


It is just like ITIL in action.


A Designer’s Guide to Vue.js Components

How LANDESK saved my life

Sounds full on dramatic but I passionately believe it is true. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a passionate individual, whether it is my beloved Oxford United FC, Patriots football or London Irish Rugby. When I swear devotion it is unwavering.

LANDESK has great technology and great people – it really is a great company.  But life-saving may stretch things a little too far? Maybe, maybe not. It’s all about perspective.

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Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Let’s be honest, we all think about having a change.

It is said that on average, 800 British citizens leave the United Kingdom each week for a life 'down under' in Australia.

Some do it for a change of lifestyle, leaving their mundane everyday professions for a life on some sunny Australian coast line to run a little restaurant or bar and live their days under the sun and by the sea. Others leave to escape the infamous wet, dull British weather in favor of a sunnier and warmer climate or for pure economic reasons.