Looking for a Remedy to the BMC debacle – AGAIN!

Irontouch recently took a call from a customer asking about a replacement for a BMC Service Desk Express installation with LANDesk Service Desk. As part of the engagement process our team spoke with the customer and the conversation was quite revealing and it went something like this:

LANDESK Service Desk leads the way in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) ready business applications

We know the explosion of mobile devices is here. What you may not be so familiar with is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. You may not see it in your business yet but let me assure you - it is coming soon. But how ready for BYOD are your business applications? Are you prepared to deal with the plethora of cellphones, tablets and even laptops and other handheld devices that your staff may choose to use? And what about the different operating systems – from Windows to iOS, to iPhones and Android devices and even Blackberry? This is a serious point that is often missed.

Microsoft Can Be Made Better? Of course!

I have just had my laptop computer rebuilt and imaged.

This opportunity led me to consider Microsoft in a lot more detail. There are many applications and vendors on my laptop but as a consumer of services, especially Microsoft Office, this one in particular garnered my attention.

Mobile Bullet Dodged. How LANDESK Total User Management with Mobility Manager saved a Career.

One of my customers recently told me about a very close shave they experienced with their mobile phone. Fortunately because they had the forethought to implement LANDESK Total User Management with Mobility Manager, a disaster was averted.

I like the way we have all come to accept that a mobile phone is actually no longer just a phone, despite what your provider calls it. Our mobile phone has become an outrageously powerful and complex mobile device that offers services and experiences that just a few years ago we could only have dreamed of.

Filling in the GAPS for Microsoft System Center.

 One of the great things about this community is you learn so much just by talking with other customers. LANDesk has great technology but sometimes this is simply not enough to gain traction or mindshare in every account and especially with a Microsoft shop that has purchased a big EA and needs to extract every dollar from that agreement to make it add up. So rather than sweat and toil and fight and punch and kick to be heard LANDesk have simply decided to make SCCM better.  YES you did read that right.

Day 2 at Interchange 2013

I know Day 2 and blog 1 - what's that about? This will be the first of several blogs as there is so much to report from Interchange. Las Vegas is buzzing with excited chatter over the new user licensing model and the profile employed by LANDESK in the SUMS offering (see previous blog for an idea) and it has been electric with the introduction of TUMS which I alluded too recently.

Still looking at things differently with NEXThink

NEXThink have 2 further webinars on Wednesday January 16 and again January 23. Register here http://bit.ly/WRUlHx  

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Nexthink can help you improve your systems management and service management and fully visualize your infrastructure from the end-user perspective and empower your IT department with the tools to improve your end-users’ experience, security and transformation projects.

NEXThink - see things differently.

NEXThink start 2013 with a splash and look to sustain their growth plans through a program of web based marketing events.  The first starts at 11am EST on Wednesday January 9 and you can register here http://bit.ly/VuVAx3.     Every year we at Irontouch look at technology that we think is cool, technology that complements our extensive skills in all things LANDesk and last year we were taken with NEXThink.       NEXThink is a technology that really does enable IT departments to see their entire estate differently, in real time!