LANDESK Password Central Overview

Over 30% of all calls to the service desk deal with password resets and complexities*

As the demand for organizations to implement tougher policies to protect their IT data increases, forgotten passwords and service desk calls for reset requests are on the rise.

Added to this, User-Oriented IT recognizes that users of corporate IT services want to be more empowered and self-sufficient. LANDESK Password Central helps you refocus and align the service desk with these new user expectations.

LANDESK Password Central frees end users to securely reset and synchronize their own password themselves without loss of IT control over the enforcement of password rules.

The solution adheres to service desk process and policy, raising and closing reset incidents in LANDESK Service Desk automatically with zero touch. LANDESK Password Central eradicates password reset requests as the No. 1 reason for calls to the service desk and makes active directory password reset a snap through self-service administration and automation.

Reduce the number of password reset request calls to the service desk and increases end-user productivity while saving on support costs.

* HDI Survey 2012

LANDESK Password Central offers many cost saving benefits to an organization including:

  • Gain control of the service desk
  • Ensure process compliance
  • Meet service level expectations
  • Reduce security risks; enforce password policies

  • Optimize operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce reset call volumes
  • Simplify password maintenance

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Maintain user productivity
  • Eliminate user frustrations
  • Flexible to user preference
  • 24/7 access
  • With a wealth of functions built in, LANDESK's Password Central is a rich source of easily accessible user features that include:
  • Integration with service desk process
  • Multi-access self service options
  • Password synchronization
  • Pre-login request ability
  • Reset policy checker
  • Policy enforcer
  • Mass enrollment

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