Remote Server Monitoring and Remote Infrastructure Management
Our Remote Server Monitoring and Remote Infrastructure Management Services will increase your server uptime and will improve its reliability and stability. By entrusting Irontouch you will get an opportunity to devote more time to more important business needs. Monitor the entire status of your local area network, database server, mail server, DNS Server, DHCP server, SNMP, firewall or Internet server in a 24/7 environment. Configure, monitor, analyze and react in real-time in order to identify and resolve potential problems before they affect server performance.

Open files, active users, processes, services , memory usage and availability, CPU usage, disk size, used and available, network performance and connectivity, uptime will stay under a constant watch of our highly qualified staff.

  • Benefits of Infinity Solutions Remote Server Monitoring Services :
  • Professional consulting services
  • Management of multiple remote systems from a central console
  • Fast response in case if the problem occurs via pager, email, fax or voice
  • Reduced downtime
  • Continuous server and network monitoring
  • New solutions development
  • Full site documentation
  • Relieves your staff of labor-intensive 24x7 network monitoring

  • On-site Data Center Management
  • Server management
  • Network management
  • Database administration
  • Security policy management
  • Asset management and capacity planning
  • Facilities management

  • Advanced Data Center Consolidation and Implementation Services
  • Virtualization, HPC and Grid Computing
  • Advanced Networking
  • Adaptive Facilities Management and Planning
  • Data Center Security
  • Data Center Optimization

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