Desktop SaaS Cloud Solutions
With our Integrated Hosted Desktop you can reduce your IT costs by half, and there’s no need to pay for expensive servers and maintenance. We provide you with a fixed monthly cost for all your applications and data storage which can be accessed via any computer over the cloud.

Our range of virtual or hosted solutions are available on demand and provide enterprise level architecture and technology to businesses of all sizes. The desktop saas cloud solutions are modular and are designed to adjust as your business grows.

Our hosted desktop or PC on demand, as it is sometimes called, offers the user a fully functional Windows desktop environment . This is accessible through a browser from any Internet enabled device be it a thin client, laptop or handheld PDA.

A hosted virtual desktop looks and feels like a traditional PC, it even performs like one. Thanks to our enhanced virtualization solution, it's even faster than the box under your desk! Hosting your Microsoft desktop applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as creating a secure and resilient file system should not be the only reason you choose to host your desktops.

You need these applications to integrate fully with your mail and mobility systems, your voice systems as well as other 3rd Party applications.

That is why all of our hosted solutions can be integrated with Voice, SaaS and other applications to not only provide a platform for growth, but a platform that you truly can run your business on.

Contact Irontouch Team for information on the tailored Desktop Saas Cloud Solutions you organization deserves.