Asset Discovery Management
Asset Vision™ is a cloud-based agentless Asset Discovery Management tool with integrated, comprehensive Network Discovery and Software Inventory for diverse, multi-platform IT environments.

The Fundamentals of Great IT Asset Management
At its core, any great Asset Management Discovery project will have a reliable, accurate and thorough mechanism to discover, categorize and inventory all hardware, network and software assets within the organization. Without a reliable basis to track what IT assets you own and have deployed throughout their lifecycle, IT Asset Management creates more problems than it solves.

Asset Vision operates “agentlessly”, which makes implementation a trivial matter; agents often require considerable management overhead to deploy and can only be justified for complex management requirements such as usage metering. In addition, since Asset Vision™ is run from the cloud, no on-premise back-end infrastructure is required. There is no longer any requirement for provisioning a server, server operating system and database software which frees up software licenses, maintenance and support resources. By leveraging economies of scale in the cloud, the overall total cost of ownership is lowered significantly; reliability and performance is improved and implementation times shortened.

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