A range of Cloud Based SaaS Systems Management solutions are offered by Irontouch.

Harnessing the Survey solution to deliver Software License Management, IT Asset Utilization, Software Metering, Compliance Reporting, Hardware Utilization as well as a range of other high value capabilities.

Using unique discovery and usage metering technology, Survey can help you remain compliant with your software license obligations, for all forms of software (traditional desktop, thin-client, web and SaaS), while saving money. We even offer a 200% ROI guarantee.

For effective financial planning within IT it is simply not enough to know what software and hardware exists within the estate. Left unchecked, software deployments will rapidly exceed demand. The resulting shelfware represents a huge drain on financial and human resources as it must be maintained, supported and paid for. Shelfware is very difficult to detect using traditional methods – particularly when trying to determine whether the end-user needs a full-suite or just a component, or whether that expensive Excel add-on is actually necessary. Survey provides detailed, comprehensive real usage information for the IT assets in your environment enabling you to quickly determine whether the assets are really required. When combined with its license management capabilities, this accurate usage metering capability ensures license compliance initiatives can actually save your company money.

SaaS compatible WinINSTALL is the multi-award winning, comprehensive PC lifecycle management suite, which enables you to automatically deploy, update, and manage software or security for desktops, servers, and notebook computers. With its unique Client Reset Template approach, the tightly integrated WinINSTALL suite allows IT administrators to define process workflows that dynamically manage PCs and other devices from purchase to retirement.

Significantly enhanced in recent years to take advantage of the latest Microsoft developments in PXE, User State Migration Tool (USMT) and packaging, and with day 1 support for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 2008 R2 SP1, WinINSTALL can be relied upon to support your PC lifecycle management requirements today and in the future.

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