Cloud-based agentless Digital Asset Management System
A fundamental element of any Digital Asset Manager project is Network Discovery and Software Inventory. It is impossible to manage your environment unless you know exactly what you have deployed. Asset Discovery needs to be non-invasive, easy to administer, efficient, thorough, accurate, broad in scope and responsive to network changes. In addition, as information sources become more interconnected, it becomes possible to enrich discovered information with contextually relevant information from public sources. Examples of such information include hardware warranty information, patch status, licensing metrics, product use rights etc.

Scalable’s solution to Network Discovery and Software Inventory exists on several levels. In all products have some basic Network Discovery and Software Inventory to support the needs of each product feature set, however, Asset vision provides stand-alone, class-leading functionality.

  • Headline features include:
  • Agentless discovery
  • Extensive normalization based on an actively updated catalog
  • Enrichment of discovered data
  • Database structure designed to integrated with CMDB projects.

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