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Eliminate Security breaches – Eliminate Risk DSEnforce offers a unique approach to the maintenance of the Active Directory architecture and therefore of the security and stability of the Windows Infrastructure.

Implementation of DSEvolve has already cleansed, optimized and secured the Active Directory. It is then safe until an inevitable breach of the design rules occurs. The DSEnforce service is pre-configured to understand the newly implemented DSEvolve architecture and does not require commissioning or intervention by administrators. This maintenance ensures that: breaches are recognized and quickly repaired so that the business knows that the core security is being maintained the core architecture is updated to make additional capabilities available to IT and the business as new versions of the Active Directory are released by Microsoft vulnerabilities in the Active Directory or core architecture are quickly identified and mitigation made possible

Stay secure – stay risk free DSEnforce ensures that the business becomes immediately aware of uncontrolled changes that threaten the security and integrity of its optimized Active Directory (whether the source of the change is accidental or malicious) It also ensures the business periodically receives fully up to date directory documentation.

  • DSEnforce keeps a change history for critical architecture components
  • DSEnforce reports on configuration change – the modification or deletion of relevant objects, as well as the creation of new ones
  • DSEnforce reports on the adherence of the implementation to the design rules of the DSEvolve architecture to ensure that security loopholes do not develop
  • DSEnforce maintains validating information for each object relevant to the security or architecture, that clearly defines its purpose
  • DSEnforce automatically re-builds and publishes up to the moment documentation at regular intervals
  • 3rd party support for architectural change control ensures that identified issues do not get buried under the weight of user-facing service maintenance requirements
  • optional off-site backup to heavily encrypted storage enhances the reliability of logs as they are no longer subject to internal manipulation

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