“I need my directory fixed – quick!”

Secure your nerve center – fix your vulnerabilities Irontouch offer DSEvolve as a unique approach to securing and managing your Active Directory.

DSEvolve encapsulates the most advanced thinking in the industr. It enables the most stable, cost-effective and fastest transformation of the Active Directory, whilst ensuring results of the highest quality.

Fully optimize any Active Directory in days DSEvolve will fully optimize any Active Directory in days (no matter what its current state) with little or no disruption to the users. This is achieved using well-established and proven architecture pre-fabrication combined with clearly defined processes and tightly controlled changes, all of which have been production tested in many organizations.

Regain control The newly optimized directory is fully documented. It will pass any compliance audit and has greatly increased security and resistance to uncontrolled change.

This radical approach is delivering huge benefits for many organizations including:

With our DSEvolution Active Directory solution Irontouch deliver:

  • a successful optimization, which raises the core of the organization’s technical architecture to the highest level of security, stability and GRC.
  • A core architecture designed to engage all of the most up to date capabilities of the Active Directory
  • A huge increase in security over the whole Windows Infrastructure
  • Hierarchal role-based authority, a fundamental security requirement, without which effective security is impossible
  • Greater resistance to uncontrolled change that increases stability and reliability, which, in turn, reduces the number of outages and issues
  • A rationalized, more tightly controlled directory making administration simpler and reducing overheads in service maintenance
  • Predictable optimization costs and timescales through production tested project plans
  • An optimization cycle measured in days instead of months
  • Detailed documentation to support implementation, administration and Disaster Recovery
  • 3rd party support for the core architecture to ensure architectural consistency and effective support even when administrators change
  • A clear forward path for core security and functionality as DSEvolve automatically assimilates new features of each Operating System on release

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