Eliminate Downtime, Delays and Frustrations with Automated Password Reset

Reduce Help Desk calls by up to 30%
Password resets are the leading source of service desk calls. Verismic Password Reset is a self service password reset tool that empowers end users to control and reset personal passwords without calling the help desk. Password Reset delivers instant benefits to all parts of the organization including;

Rapid Return on Investment
Deliver rapid coverage of the user environment through User Registration Prompting to maximize coverage. Publish the RoI that has been enjoyed through the built-in ROI dashboard.

Enhance Security and Auditing
The secure Operator Module allows password resets to be performed by the service desk without requiring rights in the directory with system auditing providing a clear trail of activity.

Empower End Users
End users can reset personal passwords by correctly answering a series of private questions. Remote employees with access to a web browser can reset forgotten passwords without outside assistance. The entire process is quick, simple & complete in seconds.

Integrate with Existing Tools
Password Reset can be configured by Irontouch to provide direct integration into LANDesk Service Desk ensuring highly secure end-user verification when a password reset request is received.

Contact Irontouch to find how an Automated Password Reset Tool can improve your business or simply download a 30 day trial version here.