User-Oriented IT - Maximize User Productivity Simplify IT Operations
Your employees are using multiple devices and platforms to accomplish their work and access enterprise apps, data, and services. If you’re looking for an IT solution that can help you manage and secure different endpoints, while giving employees the flexibility to do their jobs effectively, you’ve come to the right place.

Our User-Oriented IT solution reshapes the way IT approaches management and security. Rather than focusing on each individual device as the endpoint, we focus on the user. This allows IT to incrementally improve productivity for every person in the organization. This vision leverages all platforms and devices a user may choose in order to perform work and achieve results more effectively while still giving IT the control it needs to get the job done.

Benefits of our philosophy—as shown through our Total User Management software—include: - One price per end user (unlimited devices, including BYOD). Our patented “Targeted Multicast” is the only solution recommended by analysts for distributed users.

The world’s fastest software and patch management.
The easiest ITIL path to increasing end-user productivity thru self-service and automated request fulfillment. An integrated solution for systems management, endpoint security, mobility and ITSM (premise, cloud, or both). The ability to manage anything there ever was, anything there ever will be. Which means LANDesk coexists with and actually fixes our competitors’ weaknesses.

To learn more on how Total User Management can transform your IT organization, fill out the form and download "Total User Management Empowers Users and IT". See for yourself how LANDesk can help your IT organization manage and secure everything there ever was, everything there ever will be while keeping your workforce productive.

With an integrated LANDesk solution from Irontouch, you’ll be better equipped to manage, secure, support and maximize productivity for any user, anywhere, using any device or application.

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